Hair cuts can remove excess fur, painful mats, dander and shedding hair that can cause skin irritations. These irritants can often lead to excessive itching and scratching causing lesions that become infected.

Hair cuts also provide a close up review of the skin and coat. We will take note and inform you of issues we come across while working on your pet.


Most dogs would rather skip bath time, but bathing plays an important role in the health of your dog’s coat and skin. Keeping your dog clean and free of dirt and parasites is important.  There is, of course, the added benefit of making your pooch smell fresh and clean.


De-Shedding removes excess hair from your dog’s coat, and cuts down significantly on the amount of hair you have to deal with on your furniture, car, and your favorite black pants. It also helps distribute the natural oils in your dog’s fur and skin, keeping their coat healthy and looking its best.

Our Message to you:

We know that you would not trust your pet with just ANYONE. Our customers who come from all over the DFW will confirm, we strive to make a connection with your pet. We hope to make every visit the best experience possible for both you and your furry family member. When you walk through our door, we don’t see master and dog. We see a love bond. Our promise is to respect that bond and provide gentle loving care for your beloved friend. Whether your dog needs a simple bath or an extensive groom, we’ll treat him or her like the special friend they are.

Next Steps…

To make an appointment for any service you can text the shop at 817-800-1005. We only answer voicemails Saturdays and Sundays. You can also find us on Facebook. We also close when the last dog leaves, the absolute latest would be 4:00pm.